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Frequently Asked Questions at Area 51 Tactical

Q: I've never heard of Area 51 - who are you?

A: Dan Nicholson, founder and owner of Area 51 Products LLC, (area51tactical on eBay) has been providing great products at great prices to the shooting community since 1998. Our first website was, and for several years our primary selling venue was eBay. In 2007 the decision was made to concentrate on supplying tactical gear and shooting accessories directly to the public via our website, and since then we have experienced rapid growth. You may have seen our national advertisements in Small Arms Review, Shotgun News, SWAT magazine and AR Guns and Hunting. Area 51 Products LLC currently is located on Highway 231 (Southbound) on the north side of Dothan, Alabama. We are just a short ride from the state lines of both Georgia and Florida as well.

Q: Do you offer a law enforcement or military discount?

A: Due to our already low prices we are unable to offer any further discounts. It's been our experience that most vendors that do this are charging full retail for everything, and our "regular" prices are often better than their "LE/military discount" price!

Q: My Order Status says "Pending" ("Update" "Processing - order printed" etc) - what does that mean?

A: Pending is the default order status right after you place an order - it simply means we haven't updated your order status yet. At this stage you have submitted the order, your credit card has been processed (this is done automatically at checkout for your security) and that we have received the order. Processing - order printed means just that, that we have printed the order and it's in the warehouse being picked out. This is when we make sure that everything is in stock and ready to go for your order, and if so, pack it up. During this time, anything that we do not stock here is ordered and shipped from our distributor.  Update means that everything is either in stock and picked for your order or on it's way in to our warehouse within the next few business days,  and we will be shipping the package as soon as possible. Order Shipped means your order is out the door and is the step at which we email you the tracking or delivery confirmation number.  

Q: Is Area 51 in Nevada?

A: Not this one! Area 51 Products LLC is located on Highway 231 (Southbound, also known as Montgomery Highway) north of the circle in Dothan, Alabama, and is about 25 minutes from Fort Rucker and an hour and a half from Fort Benning.

Q: Do you ship to Canada/Switzerland/insert your country here?

A: Sorry, we do NOT ship outside of the United States. Nothing personal, we simply don't have the resources to devote to export licensing.

Q: Do you accept RFQs and Purchase Orders from Departments?

A: Certainly. We are glad to serve you and address your departmental needs, small or large. For fastest results, please call us during business hours. Departmental orders must be on municipal or departmental letterhead and you can email to

Q: I am a law enforcement officer in a restricted (non-high capacity magazine) state. Can I order magazines from Area 51?

A: As a general rule of thumb, you should ask your chief law enforcement officer what the legal procedure is for you to receive high capacity magazines in a restricted state as an LEO. Most of these states allow you to provide us with a copy of your ID via email or fax so that we can ship the mags to you. Some states may require the magazines to be purchased on departmental letterhead. Again, check with your local superiors.

Q: Do you have a store?

A: Yes! Area 51 has a storefront that is open six days a week. Local customers and anyone in the area are welcome to visit us to shop, chat, . If you are a local customer, just give us a call after placing your order online, or call us and let us know what you'll be coming by for. Please note that not everything listed on the website will be in stock at all times in Dothan, as some items are shipped or trans-shipped from our distributors and vendors. If you're local, we can get you just about anything you're looking for in 3-4 days even if we don't have it on hand!

Q: Can I buy Area 51 Hats/T-Shirts/Stickers?

A: Yes, you sure can, at our Cafepress store -

Q: Does Area 51 actually have it's own inventory or are you just drop shipping stuff from some other company's warehouses?

A: Unlike a growing number of online shops, we are a stocking dealer for many of product lines we carry, and about 80% of all orders ship from right here in Alabama. We do also at our discretion drop ship from distributors or manufacturers. This usually happens for one of two reasons: either you have ordered a larger quantity than we have in stock here in Dothan, or we can get an item to you faster by having the manufacturer or distributor drop ship it. 

The bottom line is, we like to put our hands on this stuff! Unlike many "kitchen table" online dealers, we use the products we carry and can often give you some valuable info based on our own experience.

Q: The website says it's in stock. Is it?

A: We make every effort to make sure the quantities listed on the website are really available, either here or at our distributor, but at this time our inventory system is not electronically linked to the website so there may occasionally be discrepancies.

Q: Man, I wish you guys carried this other product...

A: Please, email or call us if you do not see something on the website that you think we should carry. For starters, we may indeed carry it. For brands we don't normally stock much inventory from (for example, Blackhawk), we have a close relationship with several of the biggest distributors and can get most anything made by these companies within a few days. And if we don't carry it, and it's a hot black rifle kinda product, we sure want to know about it so we can :)

Q: I don't want to give my credit card information out on the net, what can I do?

A: Online ordering is actually safer than ordering over the phone, but if you are more comfortable giving your credit card information over the phone, just select "Pay by Check/Money Order" at checkout and then call us at 334-873-4150 with your payment info. You may also leave a note in the comments section with a phone number and the most convenient time to call you and we can call you for the info.

Q: Do you sell lower receivers?

A: Sorry, only in our retail store. We do not sell AR-15 lower receivers, complete guns or any other items regulated as firearms online or via mail order. Any local firearms dealer should be able to order a lower receiver or complete AR-15 for you from a number of manufacturer; it is reasonable to pay between $125-175 for a stripped AR-15 lower receiver.

Q: Do you offer dealer pricing?

A: At this time due to the extreme demand for "black rifle" related parts and accessories, we are not offering dealer pricing. Many items on the website do feature quantity discounts though!

Q: Why aren't all my questions answered by this page?

A: Because you need to ask us so we can add them to the list

Thank you so much to all our loyal customers! Your patronage of our business is an immense blessing to our family and employees, and we look forward to serving you in the future!

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